The Leader’s Book of Inspiration: Quotes and Insights for Today’s Leaders by Michael Elliott|Book review

Title: The Leader’s Book of Inspiration: Quotes and Insights for Today’s Leaders
Author: Michael Elliott
Pages: 170
The Leader’s Book of Inspiration is a work of extraordinary insights for self-driven go-getters. Whether you are an entrepreneur, illustrator, writer, executive, or pastor, a leader needs a book s/he can lean on for inspiration. This is that book. Drawing from the greatest kings, authors, artists, poets, philosophers, and religious minds of all time, and amassing over 300 lessons for the 21st-century leader, this refreshing collection of quotes delivers a wealth of eternal knowledge, that is sure to stand the test of time. The Leader’s Book of Inspiration is an essential addition to any personal library. There is everything to gain by igniting the imagination through profound words of inspiration. This book will be your spark.
My review
Life is all about goals and dreams. It is a quest for our own purpose. We have the freedom to uses our limited years of life for our own good or for doing good to others. Not all can manifest their own destiny. When we fail, we seek guidance. Those who have walked the same path before are the best mentors to choose from. This is why we rely on motivation to supplement our endeavors. But extrinsic motivation is always something short-lived. Intrinsic motivation only emerges from our own inner self. What we can do for this is to fall back to the knowledge from great visionaries and leaders to build strong morale.

This book is a great collection of quotes from almost all the visionaries who have ever walked on the earth. The insights range from poets to Kings, authors to philosophers. I must say it is a great addition to my personal book collection because it serves as a constant source of motivation. The author has divided this book into nine parts, each one discusses the insights from a particular group of leaders. This composition helps to read and accept things that best suits each one of us.


Hang Shakespeare by Robert Boog| Book review


Title: Hang Shakespeare: But not DeVere, a True story Mystery Solved

Author: Robert Boog



Ever wonder why people doubt that William Shakespeare was the “true” author of the poems, plays and sonnets? In this book, not only will you discover three reasons why to doubt, you will also learn why William Shakespeare, a young man from the provinces, a man without wealth, connections or a university education should be hung!” His close friend and rival, Ben Jonson wrote these words in 1623. This man knew the “real” author MUCH better than modern scholars like Stephan Greenblatt or James Shapiro, wouldn’t you agree? “Many books that question Shakespeare’s authorship will claim he could not have written the works because of his lack of education or upbringing but this book does not. Anybody can write anything. However, when Elton John sings songs written by Bernie Taupin, they simply sound better. And that is reason number one we should doubt the authorship.”
Why hang Shakespeare? Because in the 1620’s, thieves were hung.
Using an interesting concept that does NOT focus on snobbery or money to explain WHY, author Robert Boog claims to have solved this 400+ year old, true story mystery. Do NOT take someone else’s word for it. Then, join the conversation.
Bringing together little-known historical facts as well as the scant, but incontrovertible things written about the “real” author, Mr. Boog, who claims NOT to be an expert, explains things in a comfortable yet convincing fashion.
Shakespeare’s MOTIVE to steal: it wasn’t the money or the fame. It was something else that makes perfect sense.
Causation: Who created the First Folio PROVES Shakespeare could NOT have written the plays.
Common sense: Why this nobleman needed a pseudonym makes perfect sense.
Stylometry: why it fails when the age of an author’s writing sample is unknown.
Occam’s Razor: why the most logical choice for the “real” author is the one with the university education in MATH, not English.

My Review

Life is all about learning. Learning new things, questioning, and changing perspectives. We need an open mind for accepting the arguments and conclude a subject on the basis of evidence. I have been reading plays and sonnets by William Shakespeare since my school days. I have never ever thought to question Shakespeare on his authorship. I have come across this book rather accidentally. But this was really an eye-opener for me on this topic. Hang Shakespeare by Robert Boog holistically covers historical and logical evidence that questions William Shakespeare’s authenticity to its core.

The author has gone through every possible document to reason his arguments. Some of the details from these documents are unbelievable. They clearly state that the real author of these iconic plays is Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, not Shakespeare and people actually know this fact and they have openly expressed it through their writings. Apart from the mind-boggling content of this book, I was mostly impressed by its structure. The author has a good idea about presenting a controversial topic with proper introduction and know how to reason his arguments without diverting from the main question. The way he has structured the book to support his arguments is remarkable. He has included every possible detail in this subject which varies from Shakespeare and Edwards’s personal, professional, and literary experiences. He has also examined the plays, sonnets of Shakespeare for clues to support his arguments.

What I learned from reading this book is, it is important to question any popular belief and analyze to reach our own opinions on that matter. This experience is a way forward in our overall life.


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I’m lucky because you were born: My twenty-five (25) reasons by Zara Achou|Book review


Title: I’m lucky because you were born: My twenty-five (25) reasons

Author: Zara Achou

Pages: 27

This is a beautiful illustrative storybook for our little ones and for ourselves. Parenthood comes with a lot of happiness and responsibilities. Our little ones become the center of our chaotic life in no time. They bring joy to every small thing. We reborn at the moment we became a parent. It is indeed a new turn in our lives. But this happiness came only with that much high responsibility. The upbringing of a child is a difficult process.

This creative, colorful, and meaningful illustration can make this job a lot easier. The author has put down very unique words along with the illustrations. Those words are the heart of pictures. They completely reflect the parent’s love for their child. Capturing these raw emotions is not easy. But the author has done it with ease. Show this book to your child and say I love you to them. Their eyes will widen and their heart will be filled with happiness. They never forget how you made them feel.

The beautiful moments of parenthood should be shared with our little ones without losing their essence. This is the best way for that.


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Binge and Nothingness by Juan Kaius| Book review

51h19J7t1eLTitle: Binge and Nothingness

Author: Juan Kaius



If you are suffering from an existential crisis, do not read this book!

This is the story of Juan, a 25 year old boy, who after binging the joy out of everything, food, drugs, and entertainment, realizes that the only way left to fill the void is to fall into it. Thus, he embarks on one final journey – to jump off the top of a hill and end his life on a ‘high’ note. By doing this, he intends to set an example for his peers, all depressed and directionless individuals, who can follow him and attain the truest form of freedom. But does fate have one last absurd joke to play on him?

Set in McLeodganj, a mystical sanctuary of Tibetan Buddhism, this is a satirical take on our generation’s futile search for the meaning of life.

My review

Binge and Nothingness narrates a story of a 25-year-old young man who is suffering from an existential crisis. He is always in search of his life’s purpose. He has tried everything to extract pleasure. His search hits a dead end and he decides to give up his life. He is ready to embrace death for reaching a new “high”. He decides to jump off from a cliff at Triund, Dharamkot. But what if life has some other plans, waiting for him?

I really loved this story because of its uniqueness. I never ever came across a story like this before. The existential crisis of the new generation is embedded very carefully in the storyline. The explanation of this unique philosophy often drifted me from reading. The thoughts of Juan kept me thinking about those concepts much deeper. His views resonate with the present world very accurately. The observations of author in all the things mentioned in the story such as drugs, meditation, spirituality, life, greed, and lust is hundred percent correct. This alone glued me to the story until the end.

Honestly speaking, I have come across very few books that have the power to leave me astonished after reading. This is one of those rare books. The story is penned down very beautifully. The pinch of sarcasm till the very last page is something deserves a huge applause.


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DREAMS. GOALS. PLANS.: A Simple Guide for Turning Your Dreams into Goals and Goals into Plans by Danni White


43437394._UY630_SR1200,630_Title: Dreams. Goals. Plans: A Simple Guide for Turning Your Dreams into Goals and Goals into Plans

Author: Danni White

Pages: 102


DREAMS. GOALS. PLANS. is a 31-day guide to helping you get from where you are now to where you would like to be. It is much more than another book on how to dream big, best practices for setting goals, or a checklist on how to plan your life and future. Instead, it serves as a simple guidebook of empowerment to help you think about your life and the opportunities available to you in new ways. When we open up to the possibilities, we find new ways of dreaming, propose better goals for ourselves, and make plans that excite us.

My review

Life is a journey, some may simply exist here and some may live their dreams here. Only a very small percentage of people become successful in their life. We all have some dreams and goals. But realizing these dreams are the hardest part. Usually, extrinsic motivation is short-lived. Feasible and long-term motivation only comes from introspection methods. Analyzing and examining our day-to-day habits is the only way forward. This book Dreams. Goals. Plans by Danni White focuses on changing and prioritizing our habits. The author has structured this book in way that its core values should make an impact on its readers.

I have read many books in this niche before. But what makes this one different is its applicability. The author never attempts to sugarcoat the harsh truths in this book. She put down the exact reality of the hardworking and successful people. Success never comes easy. If someone says it is easy then its a blatant lie. We subconsciously accept these lies because we are afraid to go beyond our comfort zone. This book serves as a detox for this mindset. Because of this nature, I felt refreshed after completing this book. This book gave me the clarity that I need for my thoughts. It is a practical guide to converting dreams to goals and then actionable plans.

The author has carefully chosen some meaningful quotes to convey her ideas. She included them at the beginning and at the end of each chapter. These quotes reflect the core values of successful people. Then she explains the concepts and actionable plans that one can derive from those words. This is indeed a unique plan for achieving our own goals. Because the action is the only thing that matters in the end.


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ANTI CELLULITE GUIDE: Ultimate Guide to Cellulite Free Skin by Alein Ree | Book review


41aMNSIKs5L._SY445_QL70_ML2_Title: ANTI CELLULITE GUIDE: Ultimate Guide to Cellulite Free Skin

Author: Alein Ree

Pages: 48


Ultimate Guide to Cellulite Free Skin offers simple and practical solutions in easy step guide to cellulite free skin! Extremely easy and short to read with no fuss has never been easier. This book explains what cellulite is and not, causes of cellulite, myths, misconceptions, explains why certain methods don’t work, step by step checklist, and solutions. It covers all possible causes of cellulite and guidance on how to get rid of it. Every woman is different and causes for cellulite are too, hence why we look at it from a holistic perspective. This book is up to date with current time so should be much relatable to women seeking solutions.

My review

Cellulite is the most common health condition that affects mainly women. It is also a matter of beauty and skincare. This book presents a holistic approach to this complex condition. As the title says, this is an ultimate guide for anti-cellulite skin. The author who is also a certified healthcare professional presents A-Z details about this problem through this book. We are living in a time, where information overload is clogging our judging abilities. The internet is filled with myths and facts. This creates misconceptions that eventually lead to mistreatments for cellulite. This causes more problems. So, the right knowledge about cellulite is essential. This short read has concise and accurate details. It is written to convey this health condition to laymen. Because of that, the author has devoted half of the book for busting myths around cellulite. This was an eye-opener for me.

After separating facts from myths, the author has then introduced a practical solution that every woman can adopt to cure this condition. This checklist includes every possible cause and its remedies. The author ends the book with the possible treatment options for cellulite.

This is a complete practical guide for this health condition which is written in a simple and lucid language. This is indeed a very helpful read and recommended for every woman who wants to learn more about their health and lifestyle.


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Gear Up For a Time Like This by Catherine Agada| Book review


Title: Gear Up For a Time Like This

Author: Catherine Agada

Pages: 128


Do you know your purpose? At a time like this, can you still be sure about your purpose and mandate in life? And do you even understand the time and season we are in? And how to prepare to persevere and prevail in it? If you answer “NO” to any of these questions, this book is for you.

Our world, as we have known it, is changing! Through a virulent global pandemic, tumbling economies, rising unemployment, and widespread racial collisions, the norms, and the certainties of our world are collapsing right before our eyes. Are You Prepared For What is Next? Gear-up For A Time Like brings clarity to the situation, and “GOD’S RESET,” It offers a physical and spiritual guide to gear up for the challenges! This book answers the questions on why we are on earth at such a time and offers practical ramps’ for anyone uncertain, confused, and anxious about this season.

It allows you to stay focus, uncover, and live in the primary, as well as illuminates the unique purpose of your life for God’s desired destiny in you. After reading it, you will be able to identify your divine purpose and more, put a plan in place and ready to start immediately. Catherine Agada started writing this book on January 4, 2020, unaware that she would be peering prophetically into the future because she followed the Spirit of God’s leading. She believes we could rise from the ashes of today if we understood the season and the opportunities it presented. Are You Ready to Gear-Up?

My Review

Faith is the path to renovation and reinvention of our spirit. It is the path of enlightenment. For a time like this, faith can hold humanity together for a greater good. Gear up for a time like this by Catherine Agada is a practical guide to find calm amidst the storm. The world is falling into a depression. Everything is in chaos. But the Lord has all answers. We all are seeking answers from the wrong sources. That’s why we didn’t find any fulfilling answers yet. It is the right time to hold tight to our faith. It is the source of our inner power. It is the source of light.

The author has affirmed this belief through this book. She has addressed this difficult issue rather beautifully. The book is written as a circle. It starts with addressing the root cause of our existence. Why we are here? What is our purpose? What is our goal? She connects the readers to God through the initial chapters of the book. After that, she lays out the master plan to survive this uncertain time. It is an actionable plan based on core moral values of life and humanity. These principles are often neglected by us because we are so busy with our greed. But for a time, that is resetting our lives, we have to fall back to our basic principles. The next step is finding out our strengths, dislikes, and weaknesses. This plan not only encourages to rejuvenate our personality but also gives a fresh perspective to survive this pandemic. 

At the end of every chapter, there is a summary of the content. This is helpful for me to revise the core values of the book from time to time. Altogether it is an essential read to survive this pandemic era.


Barn Tales: Book 6 of Whispering Willows series by Diana Dawn| Book review

53190741._SX318_Title: Barn Tale: Book 6 of Whispering Willows series
Author: Diana Dawn
Language: English
Pages: 109


The evil witch and the Captain that Lily fears so have found their way into the Willows. Lily is torn between two men whom she loves. But can she sort out her feelings amidst the trouble that Margurite and the Captain could potentially cause for the village? Does the answer to their problems lie within the mirror…within a time hundreds of years ago back in the House of White kingdom? ‘Barn Tales’ is the sixth book in the Whispering Willows series.

My Review

Barn Tales by Diana Dawn is the sixth installment of the Whispering Willows series. In this part, the story is entirely focused on Snow’s identical sister Lily. The previous book ended in a cliffhanger, that made me eagerly pick this one and read as soon as possible. Just like all the other five books, the author Diana Dawn has not disappointed me a bit. She brilliantly crafted this book too.

With the presence of Captain Philippe and the evil witch Margurite in willows, the plot is exciting from the beginning. The author doesn’t follow the usual pattern of storytelling in this book. She is narrating two parallel stories throughout the book, one is the struggle of Lily to decide between Thomas and Nate, the other is the mysteries around Captain and witch. I must say, she had done a marvelous job through this storytelling. She has narrated two different aspects of a story without losing its emotions to the core.

Lily is not at all identical to Snow in appearance but also in character too. She is also confused in love, an emotion she never experienced before. The author has well presented her viewpoints on love and her tender character of not hurting anybody. I really liked Lily on these points.

I really missed Snow in most of the parts. The author has now shifted her focus to Lily’s story and didn’t allow her to appear not more than one percent of the story. But I’m really looking forward to the next part. Because there are many unanswered questions in this story. I badly want to unwind these mysteries.

Rating: 5/5

Salswabhavi Uthaman by John Philipose|Book review


Title: Salswabhavi Uthaman

Author: John Philipose

Language: Malayalam


About The Book

“Salswabhavi Uthaman – the deceptive title itself throws light into the characteristic of the protagonist and the plot in the novel. In Malayalam the name ‘Uthaman’ means an ideal man. This novel realistically exposes a false construct – Uthaman and the mutuality of such constructs and the societies. The novel reiterates that in a conducive environment evil flourishes like weeds in fertile soil. Uthaman is actually a silent villain, who exploited the weak and vulnerable ones and their emotions with knack of a wolf, but meets a tragic end, probably a deserving a fate.”

My review

Salswabhavi Uthaman by John Philipose is a short novel with an apt touch of humor. The title itself is capable to generate a curiosity around the main character, Uthaman. At the beginning itself, we could see that he met an accident and bedridden for a few days. But when I turn the pages, I realized that what makes him bedridden. The author presented this part of the story much humorously. The life of Uthaman is slowly unraveled and we get to know that who was he always.

He is not a hero. He is a villain who wears a mask and exploits the vulnerable. Through the loopholes of politics, he achieved what he wants. The important feature of this story is that the author is telling the whole story through Uthaman’s perspective. Uthaman justifies all his deeds perfectly. Sometimes he points to age-old societal norms, sometimes he uses his own familial connections to justify his deeds. But this accident was an eye-opener for him. How it happened and why it happened is another humorous part. But at last, he realizes his own mistakes but he has to pay for what he had done.

In the end, just like the floods, his sins purify him. The miseries made him think again, what is valuable and what not. This is also a lesson for everyone. The author has narrated an important thought through this satirical storyline.


An Interview with Rick Zazueta|Author of “Baja Air & Sea”

Today I’ll be hosting author Rick Zazueta on my blog. His debut book, “Baja Air & Sea” is available at


Me: What is your book about?

Rick: Baja Air & Sea is a novel about a stolen yacht and the adventures that happen aboard this vessel. The book, like everything in this world, is about the human condition.

Big Money. Big Yachts. Big Adventures.

Behind every great fortune there is a great crime. Julian Mayorca wasn’t always a billionaire. At one point he was an honorable port captain and legendary yachtsman, but a single temptation—a crime of opportunity—leads him down a path of betrayal, passion, power, and the sea.

Baja Air & Sea, a high end crime-thriller set in La Paz, Mexico, begins with the story of Julian Mayorca. As a port captain, he manages the harbor and oversees a fifty-million-dollar budget. His only mistake? Being incorruptible.

On a sunny day, his cousin, Alex Cuevas, who works for a notorious criminal, holds a gun to Julian’s head and forces him to sign resignation papers. A series of questionable decisions cause Julian to transition into the entrepreneur he never set out to be. What follows is six years of Julian’s life; his voyages, romances, mishaps, and how a need for revenge leads to immense fortune and adventure he never thought possible.

Me: It is quite an adventure. What inspired the plot?

Rick: I was a yacht steward aboard a luxury yacht on the Sea Cortez. I met so many characters and had so many adventures during my time at sea. But it wasn’t just the life at sea that inspired me, it was living in this “other Mexico” that made it all the more interesting. There are two Baja Californias, the expat community and the locals, and as a Mexican-American bilingual person, I was able to seamlessly navigate these two worlds that seem so different. After some time, I began to realize that other than the language barrier, the two Bajas are essentially the same. So I started thinking about blending the two cultures and writing a book in that tone.

Baja Cover Only (1)

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Me: Why did you choose to have the story take place in Baja California?

Rick: I love Baja California. I’ve always been completely passionate about it. It’s a land so unique and so full of tales that I wanted to be a part of its folklore. The story only makes sense in Baja California, because of many factors; its proximity to the US, and the influence it directly has on Mexican culture, the climate, the sea, the desert, the tourism, the corruption, the food and lifestyle, for me it was just a perfect pot to stir.

 Me: You have a lot of colorful and creative characters. Did you think them up from scratch or were they inspired by people you know?

Rick: Stephen King said that all characters are a combination of three people; Somebody you know, yourself, and somebody you imagine. So, yes all characters are a play on that. I have always been a curious person and I’ve always been more interested in people than in anything else, so I like to observe human beings, how they are, how they react, their sense of humor, their sense of style, I can be a big extrovert, so I meet a lot of people and pay attention to their lives.

Me: What are some of the more powerful themes that your characters struggle within the book?

Rick: Lust, revenge, selling out, greed, faith, love, and destiny. The characters I write are real people to me. I treat them with respect and I try to get to know them. I am aware that they have complex lives and I am grateful that they let me in to see what’s going on in their world.

Me: What type of reader would enjoy this book?

Rick: I wrote this book to inspire people with a tale of adventure, passion, desire, and the sea. If life has gotten too predictable, if you need an escape into a tangible world of excitement and want to get completely lost in the waves of the ocean and in the luxury of big yachts and Eurocopters, then this book might be for you.

Me: What did you learn about yourself while writing this book?

Rick: Writing a novel is a long journey, and I learned not to judge myself more harshly than I would others. I learned that if I treat these characters with respect, I have to treat myself and those around me with that same respect. So if I commit a mistake, I just erase it and continue.

 Me: Who is your favorite character and why?

Rick: Papa Fabio is the money man; he doesn’t get as much attention as he deserves, but for me, this guy is a huge success story. Born to a family of miners in the small town of El Triunfo, developed into a mathematical genius from a young age, got a scholarship to La Paz Technical Institute, and then a masters degree from MIT. Now an adviser to the UN on international tax code, a great financial analyst, rogue investment banker, and CPA.

About the Author

Rick Zazueta resides in Baja California alongside his wife, Geraldine, and their two kids; Maximo and Larissa. When away from his duties, he plays professional croquet as a member of the Mexico national team. Baja Air & Sea is his first novel.

Connect with him: Instagram