Artificial intelligence (AI) is a reality that no one can deny. It is already made its first steps in market disrupting the reserved human resource chain. The future will be undoubtedly dominated by AI. To survive it is essential for us to develop our extream skills to beat the technology. It may sound impossible but it is the truth that we have to admit one day. 

I have seen many books written about the future technological advancements. But none of them provide informations better than this book. The concepts are crystal clear here. The best way to tackle any problem is to admit our weaknesses and rise above. We can’t fought with AI for so long. We can adapt our businesses according to the probable risk that would be created by AI in the future. The authors are experienced market risk researchers and they presented their years of wisdom through this book. 

After reading this book, I got an insight to the future problems that we are likely to confront due to the invasion of AI. But this book is different because they gave many practical leadership measures that we can adopt to manage this apocalypse. It is very important that everyone in this world has an insight to the future. Because if we start now we will cherish later. Also the flawless use of language and funny illustrations in the chapters helps the reader to sail through.