Sela is assigned to be a private gardener for Theodore “Teddy” Woven’s ancestral home. The young gardener soon finds her presence unwelcome as she slowly uncovers the truth about his family’s past. The greatest mystery of all lies not in the house, but with its owner.

Title: The Tragic Tale of Teddy Woven

Author: Peter Gray

Pages: 281

My review

A story that will leave you with tears at the end.

What a story this is! A perfect portion of creativity blended with delicate human emotions. I don’t have any words to express the overwhelming feelings that I had after I turned the last page of this book. A perfectly heartwarming romantic drama. I must not tag this as a cliche romantic drama. It will be an injustice to the story and the beautiful storytelling efforts of the author.

Theodore “Teddy” Woven lives in his exceptionally large and vast ancestral home up high in the mountain across the sea. Sela is assigned to take care of Teddy’s garden in the absence of his usual gardner. Sela was cautious because she is instructed to leave the owner alone. But the behavior of Teddy towards Sela is telling otherwise. What is the mystery behind his unusual behavior? What are the secrets that he is keeping from her?

I can say that, this is a piece of art. The appreciation towards an art will be different for everyone. Because we experience that slice of creativity differently. No two emotions are the same. This story is like that emotion. First I thought that this will be a thriller because the author was building up mystery in the beginning. But as I delve into the life of Teddy, the darker side of his life is uncovered in front of me. It is darker because of his pain. When I realized the unimaginable pain that he tried to live with, it left my heart aching. Sela was the cure for his pain. He was waiting for her. Their love goes deep and beyond imagination. The author has conveyed these raw human emotions perfectly.

I highly recommend this book. Because this beautiful story deserves to heard.