When Ava Miller is offered a position as a part-time governess for the Riley household, she can hardly refuse such a kind offer, especially when it is made by a handsome gentleman that seems to have eyes only for her. Ignorant of the master of the house’s true intentions, Ava is soon caught up in a web of lies, passion, and undeniable lust. Will she be able to stop herself from giving into temptation, or will it be too late?

Title: Awakening

Author: Peter Gray

Pages: 404

Genre: Historical fiction, Romance

My review

A perfect slice of nineteenth-century art!

Awakening by Peter Gray is a historical romantic fiction that takes us to the depths of conflicting human emotions. Human emotions are very complex to interpret. We tend to begin relationships even though we know it is forbidden. We pursue our blind feelings. This often leads us to dangerous situations. The dilemma of choosing the right partner is unending. Ava is such an innocent character who is in this dilemma. She wants to do what is right with everyone around her. But people are not always what she seems off.

The centre of this long story is Ava Miller, a young, educated woman. She lives with her parents who own a book shop. When she was offered the position of a part-time governess by Mr Riley, who was recently relocated to their village, she can hardly refuse. She was thrilled to begin this new chapter in her life. But Mr Riley is not what he seems off. Ava is completely ignorant of his hidden motives and soon she was caught in the web of lies and betrayals. To find her way out, she must find the answers to her own feelings. She must choose which is right and which is wrong.

Ava is the central character of this story. Her transformation from an innocent woman to a strong-willed character is really amazing. The author has penned this character transformation very well.

The strongest trait of this novel is its narration. I was quite familiar with the author’s style of writing from his previous work, The tragic tale of Teddy Woven. Like that, he has added a flair of mystery and suspense in this story. All the characters are written as multi-layered. This way the author was able to explore the grey side of all characters. He also managed to end the story on a satisfying note, which I consider a strong feature of this drama.

A very good novel and I highly recommend this to other readers.

Rating: 5/5